Team Jojo

was borne out of a desire for something better. We believe in the transformative power of a connected community who all want the same thing. In our case, we wanted to take back control of our time. We wanted the time spent commuting to be a good way to earn extra income. We needed a better way to send and deliver items. If this sounds like you, you're welcome to join #TeamJojo! Let’s start helping each other out with #JojoPasabay Delivery. Dito sa Jojo, kung may papadala ka, sabay kita!


We've been there: stuck in traffic or stuck at home waiting for deliveries. We believe that there is a better way to send and receive items. So our daily mission is to help people achieve just that.


To revolutionize the way people ship, deliver, and spend their time. Connecting people from all over for one common goal: to take control of their time and earn while doing so.