Jojo Pasabay - Fast and Secured Same-day Delivery Service

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We’ve all been there: congested jeepneys, MRT, and buses, traffic-racked EDSA, and hellish commute that takes even up to 2 hours. Being stuck in traffic can make you dream about flying to your destination or imagine turning your commute hours into money. Unfortunately, we can only dream about flying. But with Jojo Pasabay Delivery mobile app, we can be your platform to earn cash while commuting. 

Jojo Pasabay is a crowdshipping, same-day shipping service that connects senders who wish to send items, with commuters who are already heading towards the destination of the package. 

With Jojo:

Express and secure shipping

Senders get real-time GPS tracking from booking to package delivery, and parcel insurance when they send through Jojo. Our Transporters are verified through a strict on-boarding process, while Senders can also view the Transporter ratings and give them feedback on their service too.

Same-day delivery

Senders who book today will receive their parcels today! 

Hassle-free booking

Senders also have the option to schedule the pick-up of their packages. You also have the choice to pay your transaction fee via cash, GCash, or Jojo Credits.

More than just shipping

Send items at your convenience: 24/7 operations, customer support, and in-app messaging so you can communicate with your Transporter on-the-go.

Sustainable way to ship

Since our Transporters are already heading towards the destination of the package, no added traffic on the road. No extra packaging required. 

Convenient side-gig

Turn your commute into cash by signing up as a Jojo Transporter. No matter your form of transportation - motorcycle, car, jeepney, train, bus, bike, or even walking - take control of your schedule by delivering items on the way.

Community of helpers

Hire a Jojo, be a Jojo, or be both. Through pasabay delivery, Transporter helps a Sender deliver items, while Sender helps a Transporter earn extra cash. Jojo also seeks to help businesses who wish to send their products to their customers on the same day that they ordered. 

The Jojo Pasabay Delivery app is available for free at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store