Q: What is Jojo?

Jojo is a #PasabayDelivery app, which connects Senders with Transporters who are already heading towards the direction of your package. Unlike regular couriers, Jojo uses everyday people to help deliver items since they’re going on the way anyway. Transporter helps a Sender deliver items, while Sender helps a Transporter earn extra cash.

Q: How do I create an account?

Just key in your Complete Name, E-mail Address and Mobile Number to create your Jojo Account on the App. Download on the App Store or Play Store now to sign-up.

Q: What kind of items can you transport through jojo?

Send anything from documents to gifts, and any other legal package that are not classed as contraband including drugs, firearms, ammunition and explosives. Also, no hot meals and pets please!

Q: Is there a weight and size requirement/limit for packages to be sent?

You can send a package with a maximum size of 10 x 10 x10 inches.

Q: How does Jojo calculate the rates?

Rates are calculated based on the distance between pick-up and destination.

Q: What are the modes of transport available in jojo?

Currently, we are limiting the mode of transport to MOTORCYCLE. However, the possibilities are endless. A Jojo Transporter can use a car, take the bus, his two legs and even an airplane in the future.

Q: Where is jojo available?

We have jojo Transporters around Metro Manila, and hopefully, we get to roll out nationwide soon! So make sure to stay tuned in our social networks for updates.


Q: How can I send a package on Jojo?

Simply click the SEND button and fill out the fields with the accurate information and you’re good to go. You will be matched with the nearest Transporter available in the area.

Q: How does the pick-up and drop-off work?


  1. Set your pick-up Location
  2. Transporter arrives on your agreed meet-up location.
  3. The Transporter inspects the items you wish to send so make sure that your item is available in plain sight. Do note that Transporter may opt to refuse delivery for items that are deemed inappropriate.
  4. Transporter takes a selfie with the Sender. Say cheese!
  5. Transporter then proceeds and while in transit, can be monitored through the TRACK button.


  1. Transporter arrives at the given address/location for drop-off.
  2. Recipient receives a 4-digit pin, which s/he needs to give to the Transporter to confirm receipt of item.
  3. Transporter takes a selfie with the Recipient.
  4. Upload the picture on the Jojo app to finalize the transaction.

Q: Can I track my package during the delivery?

Jojo has a real-time live-tracking feature, which enables users to track their packages while in transit. Tap the Track option on screen and select the package you want to track.

Q: Can I book a delivery in advance?

Yes, you can send your package on your preferred date and time of delivery by clicking on Specify Time and Date button.

Q: What is your mode of payment?

You may pay the Jojo Transporter directly in cash. You may assign whether this will be paid by the Sender (at the point of Pick-up) or the Recipient (at the point of Drop-off).

Q: Who are the Transporters? How can I trust them?

Don’t worry, our Jojo Transporters are properly vetted by our team to ensure credibility and reliability.

Q: What if no one accepts my shipment?

If we can’t immediately find a Jojo to handle your shipment (which is very rare), we’ll ask whether or not you’d like to be waitlisted, where we’ll continuously search for a Jojo Transporter to serve your needs.

Q: What if something happens to my item?

Every Jojo shipment is covered for loss or damage up to the extent of Php5,000.


Q: How do I become a Transporter in Jojo?

  1. It’s easy to be a transporter in jojo. Simply create an account using your email address, mobile number and by providing the necessary requirements and you’re good to go!
  2. Send an email to and we will gladly guide you through the steps to become a certified Jojo Transporter.

Q: How and when will I get paid?

Transactions will be paid via cash on delivery (to be noted upon booking whether to be paid by either Sender or recipient).

Q: How will I be matched with Senders?

Nearest Jojo Transporter will be matched to the corresponding Jojo Sender. Once a Transporter chooses to TRANSPORT NOW the system will automatically match you with a Sender.

Q: Do I need to have a Car or Motorcycle insurance?

Transporter needs to have his own TPL insurance for his vehicle.

Q: What if Sender cancels and I’m already on my way to pick-up the item?

Currently, Senders are not allowed to cancel a booking that has already been matched to a Transporter.

Q: What if I can’t reach the recipient when I am at the delivery location?

In the event that the recipient is not in the drop-off location, item will be sent back to Jojo HQ in Makati. All expenses will be charged to Sender or Recipient.

Q: Can I decline a delivery?

Transporters have the right to accept or refuse to proceed with delivery depending on safety concerns.

Q: Is there a limit of package request transactions per Transporter per day?

There is no limit of package requests per day. However, Transporter cannot currently ship multi-point. We currently allow single or point to point transactions only.

Q: How will I know if there are nearby packages in my location?

Package requests will appear in the app under transport screen and you can accept/reject the request.